50 years of history and two brands that work with marble with high methods of haute couture. The style signature of Decormarmi is present al lover the world: more than thousand varieties of marbles, onyx, limestone and granites are processed every year for large-scale projects and interior design projects.

Decormarmi means customized project, high quality marble setting for interior and exterior; it means millimeter inlays and mosaics, peculiar choice and wealth of raw materials, precious marble processing that combine artisanship and avant-garde technologies.

Decormami means customized service, the reliable partner for any project in marble. Its name is the guarantee and certainty of the result because it has been cooperating for years with the most well known international architect studios and thanks to its technical department, Decormarmi is able to offer a complete assistance from the measurement survey at site, to development of shop drawings and feasibility rendering.

Decormarmi is synonym of class and Made in Italy, of excellence of unique and never-equal-to-itself projects. It means capacity in the selection of the best and most exceptional existing marble varieties. It is attitude to perfection, from the concept till the final installation.

Decormarmi is research and innovation through the design brand Kreoo. Precious and iconic marble items, a path of revolutionary ideas with shapes that interprets the aesthetic codes of marble combined with other natural elements.

The most prestigious design hotel, theatres, luxury residences, public and private works and restoration works in the world chose the style signature of Decormarmi.

  • 50 years of History

    Passion, resourcefulness, ability and always looking to the future

    Decormarmi’s story coincides with the one of its founder Danilo Farinon, who felt in love with sculpture since when he was a little child and he imagined himself as the author of the statues in the church of his country. A thunderbolt struck him and influences all his life. First he attended the Arts and Crafts School in his country of origin Chiampo and then in Vicenza. Events and important meetings with whom he names “his Great Teachers” stud his juvenile path that is characterized by sacrifice and hard work, by awards to sculpture competition. “For the first competition I carved a stork, I wasn’t interested in winning, but in participating and carving”. After this experience he decides to start his own business.
  • Interview with Danilo Farinon

    How do you feel when making real works of art with your own hands?
    It is hard to explain what a work of art is. And I don’t feel like mine are works of art. You feel, you live and suffer your work of art... not always the final result expresses all the feelings and emotions that you thought you could express. Personally I always find something objectionable about what I do. We can say that expressing yourself is critical to the success: if you like the subject and the client leave you to a free interpretation, it is easier that beauty finds its fulfillment.
video Danilo Farinon
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