50 years of History

Passion, resourcefulness, ability and always looking to the future

Decormarmi’s story coincides with the one of its founder Danilo Farinon, who felt in love with sculpture since when he was a little child and he imagined himself as the author of the statues in the church of his country. A thunderbolt struck him and influences all his life. First he attended the Arts and Crafts School in his country of origin Chiampo and then in Vicenza. Events and important meetings with whom he names “his Great Teachers” stud his juvenile path that is characterized by sacrifice and hard work, by awards to sculpture competition. “For the first competition I carved a stork, I wasn’t interested in winning, but in participating and carving”. After this experience he decides to start his own business.

Danilo Farinon builds with his own hands the central part of the company that he baptizes with the name of Decormarmi. Two of his brothers join in the company; an industrial production comes to life as per the exigencies of the great Italian economic bounce of the period. But notwithstanding the success, this is not what he wants. The standard production is not in his ropes; Farinon loves the personal relation he can create with marble, he is eager to feel stone vibrating with the blows of the chisel because “any stone has its voice”.

That’s how in 1972 he starts again with no plans or incoming orders. But the word already spread about his ability. He was commissioned the restoration of a sumptuous private residence in Paris where he works with all his ardor and commitment: in this occasion he meets the deputy of the owner of the villa who belonged to an important royal family. That’s how a professional and human fellowship started and still exists.

That particular meeting and that job open up to a new start; many other assignments make the company take off and participate to tenders all over the worlds in cooperation with many important architect studios.

Farinon is able to look ahead, he creates his own team of men even before professionals, “men involved emotionally into projects”, and he invests in technology and brings the company to sign international works. His children breathe in their father’s passion and enthusiasm, and they receive the baton with the same implication: today Marco is Production Manager, Alessandra is chief of the marketing and communication department, whereas Gabriella and the son-in-law Diego lead the sales office. “I wish they felt in love with my job, but I did not counted; I just wanted them to choose freely. Today I can see the same spark in their eyes”.

The steady look to the future brings Farinon to create the recent new design brand: “I really like Kreoo, it is a contemporary line that takes its origins from the shape and harmony of the classic proportions”. Presented in 2010, the brand underlines the capacity of the company to realize series marble items that, at the same time, are unique for their materials, finishing and evocative power.

Today Decormarmi counts forty employees, a laboratory that process twenty thousand marble tons every year, contracts worldwide and two brands. To the undisputed quality of its works, it combines professionalism, the capacity of cooperating with architect studios, the sales power that allows to get the best purchase prices of marbles or stone, the total management of contracts in big scale too.

Today Danilo Farinon left the representation tasks and totally devoted to freehand sculpture and to transmit the passion for marble to young apprentice and trainee.