DES.ART Project

Is it art contaminating design or vice versa?

DES.ART is an exhibition-event that Decormarmi organized in October 2013 in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the company and it inquires the relationship between art and design and it’s cross contamination.
A concept dichotomy identifies Decormarmi when realizing works that are suspended between art and design, both from the point of view of creativity and technical execution. The company is the abstract place where the two disciplines meet, recognize themselves and establish a dialogue made of concepts, visions that live in any items.
DES.ART focus is the exhibition of 6 inedited works in Carrara marble, created by designer Enzo Berti and the artist Tobia Berti. In these works, art and design melt together; each one absorbs the influence of the other and translates its own codes by exploring new aesthetic intentions.

In these 6 experiment projects and in the interpretation of Decormarmi, new languages emerge thanks to the mixture of the point of view of the designer and the classic sculpting techniques that are typical of the company.

Nodo sciolto

Tobia Berti's artwork
Shows the dynamism and flexibility of a Knotted body, whatever its material and shape could be. The reaction of freedom after constriction allows shapes not to belong neither to body genetics nor prospective rules, making the point of sculpture view totally independent.

Trifoglio maschile

Tobia Berti's artwork
Is a bare-chested made element, conceived by symmetry's concept in nature. The base is an isosceles triangle in which three leaves have been sculpted, defining the reading of a different shape in each profile of the statue.

Foglia femminile

Tobia Berti's artwork

Originating by the delicacy of a leaf. The surface vibrations, lines and the softness become volume and substance made of marble. Torsion angles, wrinkles and profiles get stronger on marble honed surfaces, assuming a natural identity.


Enzo Berti's project
It is the primordial shape par excellence, the egg. An egg hides inside itself some life perceptions by a regular surface opening, and flexing inside itself. All this is in contrast with polished and brilliant red that the emotion opposes against his rational symmetric aspect.


Enzo Berti's project
Expresses the continuity concept, beyond every interruption. Where a perfect geometric shape ends, a new shape begins... sometimes is the shape itself continues an evolution of its pattern. It's a real transition, as happens to the water which takes the form from container it is. Here the shinygreen is the boundary between container and content, where container is the mind of who created it and the content is the natural creative process that generated it.

Grande osservatore

Enzo Berti's project
It is an extension of human eye looking at the sky, as ideal contact between earth and universe. Two cones connected by the top, joining in a unique architectural project, in which two human figures can look up the sky and look at stars light. In the total night blue inside the surface gives us the sensation to be connected with the sky in a absolute way.