Kreoo is the Decormarmi’s brand of industrial design dedicated to contract and home, it makes its official debut in 2010 with a language that is totally inedited for the world of marble. The brand recuperates, reinterprets and transforms the huge traditional baggage of the company in order to give new shape and shine to marble and stone items.

Kreoo is a world of extra-ordinary creativity and experimentation, the exaltation of Made in Italy that is declined into seductive pieces that in some way become the icons of the brand itself. For example Pavè Stone is the sitting system that recalls the river pebbles and is obtained by juxtaposing a marble and a wooden base.

The name Kreoo has a precise reference to the Greek verb kraino that means “to create, to realize” and it embodies the essence of the mother-company that is totally suited to the research of perfection and harmony typical of the Ancient Greece. With the new brand, Decormarmi finds new sap: art and traditional shapes of the past become testing ground for the most pure design.

Kreoo interprets an unexplored dimension of the marble object and exalts its own secret sensual soul, it combines the item with others elements such as wood, it plays with shapes, waves and research for different functions.

That’s how highly evocative collection dedicated to bath, living and garden rise and are placed side by side with the choice of new materials and workmanship.