Today Decormarmi is a modern enterprise that has not forgotten its cultural, family, and geographical roots. With more than 50 years’ experience in marbleworking and a portfolio thick with illustrious names, it stands out as a reliable, proactive partner for any architectural, urban landscape or interior design project, from the restoration of historical buildings to of-the-minute constructions. 

A contemporary sculpture in the works at Decormarmi.


Technical consulting, procurement of top-quality marble and stone, high-precision treatments, hand finishing and detailing, and installation to the highest standards: these are what make Decormarmi so successful in luxury homes and hotels, public and private buildings, parks and community spaces.


Decormarmi makes its products entirely in-house. This gives it strict control over every phase and lets it meet the requests of customers and design professionals with a personalized, versatile response. The close-knit Decormarmi team makes expert use of technology and manual skills as complementary aspects of a unique experience in marble.

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