The reward for Decormarmi’s research and experience is a collection of patterns to enrich any project and setting. From contemporary geometrics in many skilful combinations of marbles and hues, to classical inlays and bas-reliefs, all of them one-of-a-kind. There is something for every aesthetic, produced with mastery to the client’s specifications.

Contemporary Patterns


Romantically entwined leaves and flowers for an atmosphere of timeless beauty. Colours:


An interplay of lines and colours creates a three-dimensional feel on the surface. Colours:


Thin, undulating lines create vibrations and a sense of harmony. Colours:


The parrot, symbolizing creativity and the force of the sun in many traditional cultures, lends itself to many unique colour combinations. Colours:


Ironic and iconic: a pattern for fun, unconventional settings. Colours:


Design Saviz Yaghmai & Stefano Papi.A grid of irregular polyhedrons and thin lines that blend into exquisite textures. Colours:


Inspired by 20th century conceptual art, this geometric pattern creates a visually dynamic look. Colours:


Positive or negative? This graphic pattern looks different from varying points of view. Colours:


Design: Sebastiano Zilio. Broken lines form a geometric pattern in multicolour marble mosaic, with a distinctive optical effect.

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